Push for Diagnosis in 4D – Herald Sun, April 26

Push for Diagnosis in 4D – Herald Sun, April 26

Push for Diagnosis in 4D

THE federal government will invest almost $1 million in new 4D diagnostic technology to allow more accurate assessment of lung function in patients of all ages.

The Australian Lung Health Initiative, headed by Professor Andreas Fouras, is one of 10 research projects to be funded under the first stage of the Medical Research Future Fund Frontiers initiative.

The project aims to deliver a technology that is rapid, easy to use and also safe, producing less than 10 per cent of the radiation used by X-rays.

Patients would not have to remain still or follow instructions, making it suitable for infants, children, older people and the very sick, who are difficult to assess with current technology.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the five-year project, which will receive $960,000, will build on Australian company 4Dx Limited’s patented XV Technology.

Almost one in three Australians live with a lung disease.

There are more than 30 types of lung conditions, with lung cancer the biggest killer, claiming more than 9000 lives in 2017 — more than breast, prostate and ovarian cancers combined.