4Dx is a medical technology company established to commercialize four-dimensional lung imaging, XV Technology™.

XV Technology provides a state-of-the-art, non-invasive way of understanding regional lung motion and airflow in real-time within the breathing lungs. This enables highly detailed maps of patterns of lung motion and pulmonary function, with functional deficits detected through local differences in movement. The end result: improving millions of lives through earlier disease detection and more accurate monitoring of chronic respiratory conditions.

Having raised millions of dollars in research funding from agencies including Australia’s National Health & Medical Research Council and the American Asthma Foundation, the team has positioned itself as an unrivaled leader in the race to deliver world changing medical technology breakthroughs.

Human studies have just been completed, demonstrating the value of this technology in multiple clinical settings, which represents a significant step towards regulatory approval.

For more information about 4Dx, go to: 4Dx.com

XV Technology - 4D Colour Scan Output