Mission statement

ALHI will bring together Australia’s leading researchers in respiratory health, along with cutting-edge engineering, data science and manufacturing, to help unlock the full disruptive potential of the revolutionary XV Technology™.  We are extremely excited about the opportunity to redefine how lung diseases are diagnosed and treated all over the world. The resulting successful commercialisation of two generations of scanners will be a major breakthrough in pulmonary health care, establishing Australia as a world leader in lung healthcare technology.

Success in this project will make a very big difference to the lives of children and adults suffering from lung disease in Australia and around the world.
Mark Brooke
Chief Executive Officer
Lung Foundation Australia

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Some patients discharged after COVID-19 infection show signs of restricted lung function. Ongoing monitoring of these patients will hopefully help with understanding pathophysiology of this disease. https://www.europeanlung.org/en/covid-19/covid-19-newsroom/recovering-from-covid-19

The metrics of respiratory disease in Australia: while not the highest cause of mortality, COPD (#3) and Asthma (#10) collectively have a higher overall burden (DALY) on our health system than our #1 killer - heart disease! https://bit.ly/2X8qMLy

The imaging hardware being developed by ALHI partners together with FDA approved XV technology from @4DMedicalXV Medical will for the first time provide a way to accurately quantitate and localise the extent of lung disease. Rapid, affordable and safe imaging for all patients!

4DMedical (formerly 4Dx)@4DMedicalXV

We're now FDA approved! https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/4dmedicals-lung-imaging-technology-receives-fda-clearance-as-covid-19-intensifies-global-focus-on-respiratory-health-301064672.html

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